Our Story

The starting point to the formation of Boutique Wines in August 2001 was the discovery of two excellent wines from the Bordeaux region. That has led to our continued careful selection of well run family wineries from around the world, whose annual production is small by international standards, but we benefit from their personal constant attention to detail and of course most of all, their ongoing dedication to quality.

Currently we carry a large selection of wines from historical and romantic regions of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Our ‘new world ‘ wines come from South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Argentina. We are always on the lookout for new wines to tempt the palates of our discerning customers, so every month we try to add a new wine adventure. Many of the wineries we represent have been reviewed by Irish Wine Columnists and have received International press attention through Decanter Magazine and the Hachette Guide to French Wines.


Our key objective as always is to provide top quality wines at highly competitive wholesale prices. We cater for the restaurant and retail sector while also supplying customers with selected wines for their corporate events and special occasions. We offer free delivery to anywhere in Ireland with minimum delivery requirements. This means that you, our valued customer can benefit by this ‘door to door’ convenience and have ready access to our excellent wines at great value prices.