About Us

We are an Irish wholesale wine merchant who have been proudly supplying many of the best restaurants and gastropubs in the country with wines exclusive to Boutique Wines for over 15 years, providing free expert staff training on our wines and next-day delivery as part of the service.


“Boutique Wines are a great supplier to deal with. They have a wide range of niche wines, superb product knowledge and their service is excellent” – Marc Breen, Coppinger Row

“When you want a job done perfectly, ask for the best!” – Tom O’Connell, O’Connell’s Restaurant

“Boutique Wines is our main wine supplier and they really are outstanding!” – Kevin Arundel, Owner, The Chop House, Gastropub of the Year, 2013

“Boutique Wines is a passionate, dynamic import company with an excellent selection of niche wines sourced from family-run vineyards around the world”Emily Hourican

“You are the most reliable supplier we have”Lee Willamson, Pichet Restaurant


Our Story

We started Boutique Wines in 2001 with just two wines from Bordeaux. We chose them because they were made by an independent winemaker whose family had been tending vines for five generations and because the care and attention that this family had invested in their vines over the years produced wines of real character and exceptional quality.

This is how we started. And this is how we have continued: carefully selecting wines from independent vignerons, family winemakers with centuries of history, and maverick newcomers who push out the edges of the envelope. All with different approaches but all sharing a love of wine and a passion for their craft.

It’s by following this simple philosophy of excellence and quality that we’ve built our business. We work closely with both the vineyard and the customer to find the best fit. We buy directly from source and take great satisfaction in maintaining our hard won reputation of promoting and protecting the interests of both customers and suppliers.